One of the greatest assets that War Horse Place Farm has to offer our clients, is our ability to provide all of your needs at our Kentucky and Florida locations.

We are experienced and specialize in all areas of broodmare reproduction and foaling.  During the foaling season we have 24 hour watch and surveillance on our foaling mares.After mares and foals are weaned, our responsibility is to provide great nutrition for optimum daily weight gain and growth.  We understand the importance of continuous handling throughout this phase in their life in order to prepare them for either their racing career or their future sales.

Our sales preparation process is one of the finest in the Kentucky region.  We work directly with all the sales companies in Lexington.  You will receive before and after pictures enabling you to evaluate the attention to detail provided by our staff, and the quality of care your weanling, yearling, and/or broodmare receives.

For horses recovering from surgery we provide comprehensivepost-surgical care.  As we all know post-surgical care is one of the most critical components to a successful recovery.  We are able to provide a healthy safe environment for recovery, and are experienced in all types of post-surgical bandaging.  Detailed charts and records are retained on all prescribed medications and temperatures are monitored and recorded on a proactive basis.

Following the fall yearling sales, we begin schooling all yearlings and introduce them to the long lines, saddle, and rider.  All yearlings are taught their gates and how to execute both leads.  Upon graduation they are turned out for a well-deserved vacation.

The first week in December all selected yearlings are gathered and shipped to our training facility in Florida.  In the warm Florida climate they begin their routine preparation for the 2 year old in training sales, or to begin on track training.  Upon arrival each yearling is assigned his dedicated lesson horse.  This mature, well-mannered horse, will become the yearling's pony horse and will accompany the yearling on all daily works before he begins his/her individual works.

Each day begins with a one mile plus walk to the ¾ mile training track.  Upon arrival everyone is ponied at a trot, and eventually a canter, followed by the one plus mile return walk.

Back at the barns, each day's work is finalized with a warm shower, grooming, carrots, and turnout.  This routine will provide their young growing bones, ligaments, and muscles, the foundation for the light mounted gallops to follow.  The daily trips, handling, and grooming, gives them confidence as they mature.  The mounted pony work with their dedicated lesson horse, teaches them to accommodate other horses, and conditions them to the minor bumps that occur with horses in traffic.  After only a few outings they soon look forward to the daily trip and work.  Beginning in February we discontinue the pony work and they make their daily trips with a mounted rider.  Not until late February or early March are they given the opportunity to stretch a bit at a controlled gallop.  This proven process, produces two year olds with the physical and mental foundation necessary to move on to the 2 year old in training sales, or directly into training.

The feedback owners receive during this process often enables them to better evaluate which of these young horses they wish to sell or retain for training.

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