Breaking and Training

War Horse offers breaking and training of any yearlings not designated for the sales. Our breaking and training yearlings will start a routine similar to that of the sales prep to prepare them for breaking in August. They are groomed daily to get them used to intensive handling and care. A week after they start their daily routine they are introduced to a surcingle and bit to introduce them to the concept of tack. At this time they also begin to go into the walker every day to begin building muscle and to get them used to working every day. In August they are introduced to a saddle and rider. Once they are used to bearing a rider, they are introduced to the rider's cues and aids and also to a basic walk, trot, and canter while in the round pen. They also work on turning and making circles in both directions. After a couple of weeks work in the round pen, they are taken on hacks around the farm to get them used to strange smells, sounds, and sights while bearing a rider.

The first week in December all selected yearlings are gathered and shipped to our training facility in Florida. In the warm Florida climate they begin their routine preparation for the 2 year old in training sales, or to begin on track training. Upon arrival each yearling is assigned his dedicated lesson horse. This mature, well-mannered horse, will become the yearling's pony horse and will accompany the yearling on all daily works before he begins his/her individual works.

Each day begins with a one mile plus walk to the ¾ mile training track. Upon arrival everyone is ponied at a trot, and eventually a canter, followed by the one plus mile return walk. When the horses return to the barn they are cooled out and groomed in the afternoon.

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