Sales Prep

Sales Prep

We are pleased to offer sales prep for weanlings, yearlings and mares. One area of the farm is dedicated to sales prep with special handlers working this area.

We are the first farm in the Lexington area to purchase and use the racetrack shaped walker which was manufactured by Kraft Brothers. This provides two straight away areas and minimizes the stress that can be put upon joints when using the circular exercise machines.

Of course, hand walking and schooling the weanlings and yearlings for show is done throughout their sales prep at War Horse.

The important part to all sales prep is meeting the needs of the individual horse. Surcingles with side reins are used for those who may need to develop their hindquarters. Additionally, we also have the special ability to pony those individuals who may require this kind of special exercise and attention.

The importance of high quality feed is just as important during sales prep as the type and amount of exercise an individual receives. Our specially formulated feed comes from Producer Feed out of Louisville, KY and contains beet pulp soaked in oils to help produce a beautiful show quality coat.

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