Dramedy Nicks

In an effort to enable you to evaluate your mare when matched with our stallions we are providing two powerful programs:

1. PEDIGREE QUERY  This program offers multiple analytical tools for your analysis.  To access the site please enter “gerry@warhorseplace.com” and the password “1776whp”.
In the drop down under reports you can enter a hypothetical mating (hypo-mating).  Upon obtaining a hypo-mating you can again click reports and request the “line breeding” report.  This comprehensive report will present a detailed inbreeding analysis, and also provide the % of blood contributed from each inbreeding source.

2.  GOLDMINE  I  To enter this site simply click the Goldmine logo.  Once you enter your mare with the stallion of your choice and request the report, Goldmine searches the entire universe of Graded Stakes Winners (GSW’rs) that are bred similarly to the hypo-mating you have just entered. Upon completion of the search Goldmine then sorts these “similarly bred” GSW’rs from most similar to least similar.  Upon completion of the sort, Goldmine assigns each GSW’r a coefficient of similarity (CSI).  To the extent your report contains two or more GSW’rs with a coefficient of similarity (CSI) 20 or higher or four or more GSW’rs with a coefficient of 17 or higher your hypo-match is considered an exceptionally elite match.  Finally, Goldmine identifies the number of horses in each GSW’rs pedigree that are exact duplicates of horses contained in your hypo-mating.  The number of exact duplicates for each GSW’r appears under the column E.

Goldmine is a powerful resource.  Unlike other nicking reports, Goldmine considers the entire pedigree (staff and distaff) and provides detailed tools for analysis.  Most other nicking reports only consider the stallions and their sons. Excluding the distaff pedigree in the analysis is flawed, as the mares carry and pass the majority of the genetic markers.


Click to show a Goldmine report for your mare

To learn more about Stallion Match click here.


Click here to go to the Hypo Mating section of Pedigree Query.

Please enter the following information to enter the site:
Username: gerry@warhorseplace.com
Password: 1776whp


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